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Educated but undignified

demeaning her body, but you can’t demean her soul.

The toxic masculinity and the rape threatening culture has found a new way of representing itself through social media, targeting females for their choice of subsistence.
Delhi the capital of the country as well as crime, displayed a new offensive way to demean and threaten under-aged girls, objectifying them and planning ‘gang rapes’ against them. Milestones of incidents took place in Delhi in last few years which shook the ministry and people’s faith from women’s freedom in the city but the new case, which spread all over the social media (Instagram mainly) was named ‘The Boys Locker room’ with an associated hashtag #theboyslockerroom on 4th of May.
The incident got out when some teenage girls, pretty popular over the Instagram with thousands of followers posted screenshots of the group chats including boys from top Delhi schools, identified to be in class 11th and 12th, posting and sharing photos of teenage girls without their consent. These boys were found to be conversing about these girl’s bodies and writing comments too crude to be reproduced. This incident was finally reported to Delhi Police which is now taking action against them. Not only the girls but their supporters we abysmally threatened and warned for supporting them, and it wasn’t only the boys from the incident but also the girls included in the same group chats started supporting them and started victim-blaming the minors.
Internalized misogyny is just as insidious and contributes to ‘Rape Culture’ just as much as toxic masculinity, the lack of accountability for men, the double standards for men and women, or slut-shaming and victim-blaming.
Being educated, boys from different families talking awful and dreadful about a female’s body and threatening them for rapes shows negligible development of a controllable mind but somewhere a big share of the male minds they have which remain equally vile as the past represents, which also shows the parenting they have been brought up with.
My only concern is how are we going to change our own future generation’s minds? And how will they bring them up with dignity so that they not only respect but also support women’s choices and decisions.
17-18-year-old boys forming public chat groups on Instagram just to share pictures of underage girls and talking about their private parts in derogatory language; that’s what the young men of our country, who believe in speaking volumes about women empowerment and respect are up to. That’s how cheap, misogynistic, and toxic their mentality is. This incident raises the issue of not only the privacy, safety, and well-being of women, but also of sensitization and counseling of juveniles who are engaging in such conductance ages, men have been given the liberty to comment on women’s bodies.
Even the most popular songs glorify men commenting on women’s features in inappropriate ways, and with the advent of social media & improved accessibility all this has blown up to a level where toxic chat groups are just a click away, and men with sick and misogynistic mentality have found a new and a convenient way to show their gender superiority and liberty by slut-shaming women and passing vulgar comments on them.
This needs to stop! The age-old cover-up ‘Men will be men’, should no longer be used to give men a clean chit for all the inappropriate things they do. If this is how men are, then ‘Men should no longer be men!’ Well, this kind of mindset shows that these people need psychotherapy in some asylum and from legal perspective yes they can be put on trial under criminal charges of cybercrime, sexual assault, sexual harassment, voyeurism and many more under IPC and pay attention they may not get a compromise in punishment as a juvenile and should not get any kind of privilege as well because if you have the audacity to rape and share nudes of women and girls then your place is definitely somewhere behind bars.
May young girls and women muster the guts to not generalize Male-community in totality owing to a copious amount of demeanor we had to face, one after the other, because there are men who are “anti-sexual assaulting” as we are. Who believes in equality and equity.
Who gives respect without a woman demanding for it.
And men like these and all of us can come together in uniformity to fight against inhumanity portrayed by people of this nasty outlook and shoo them away because what they had just shown is determining their mentality and there might be a few more in their list.
But whoever is on our side would help “already strong women/girls” tread their path with ease.
Because, not every time we must demand respect.

She left the ruined

my heart is thumping.

Its everything i couldn’t feel,
of how she left . She said ,
” No reason to stay was a good reason to go.”
Yearning is all my heart felt, endearment is what it said
and love is what it hates.
He talked with all the fervour of a new convert. She said,
“No,  i will find a better one.”
Let me not feel the hurt inside, for better was also something that i can find.
Wrote sonnets for your love when you were beside.
You were nyctoplile and i was astroplile .
I thought I was the best choice, but now you made me realize .
You wanted the moon but i was in guilty for being a star,
but you were spectating me from far , for not letting you go was unwise.


My coy mistress,  thee are the most winsome lady i ever had glimpse of,
like a thunder i fell all over your beauty and. heart remembers you by all your vibrent eyes .
I couldn’t spy you when thee sat besides the sunflowers.
The flamboyant gown that you wore looked like the foremost matriarch between the flowers.
As i was chasing the pearls of your necklace from your deep sea eyes.
Esse of my life , you became when i saw thee
just like a blossom that u seem.

My sunflower, I paint you white ,yellow and brown.

Teenage issue

Catch-22 , we have all faced it.
From the first facial hair or the painful period,
mixed feelings in a box being jiggled by an idiot.
Abhor and ardour all align ,
together side by side.
Hormones me me laugh and mourn cheek by jowl.
Established a  new meaning of love, on roads all alone I stroll.
Progenitor didn’t understand, neither did I.
I was listing to Taylor Swift now i am ready to fight.
Crushes were made, hearts broke,
kissed her back to back under the oak.
Boon companions we stood together,
a lot back bitched and thought of suicide holding a tether.
Dreams that came true and memories that last.
Each moment I could imagine,’ Me ‘ ruining in the past.

like the plant that needs direction, my teenage dream that needed support.